Saturday, January 29, 2011

Frost Fever

Today Steve ran the Frost Fever 5k.  He's training for another triathlon, so a 5k wasn't as big to him as it is to us, but he let us come root for him anyway.  As is our way, I brought treats to keep the girls busy while Dad was running - this time they were courtesy of Auntie Cyndie in a surprise care package - THANK YOU Aunt Cyndie!

The runners all got these hats with their registration.  The girls loved Steve's, so while he was racing we went inside to ask if they had any extras we could buy (all proceeds for the day went to a youth scholarship fund, so they were happy to sell us a few extras).

They happily waited until they saw their dad coming around the last curve towards the finish line.

And then Steve totally made their day by inviting them on the course to run the last part of the race with him - they LOVED being racing girls, and later told us it was their favorite part of the day today (well, Elena did - when we ask this question every night at dinner, Clara almost always replies that her favorite part of the day was when we went bouncing on the trampoline, which we did a month ago in Arizona - she is so stuck in that memory!).

Racing to the finish line.
A happy racing crew- nice race, guys!

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