Sunday, January 2, 2011

California Christmas (part 1)

We took way too many pictures in California to post, so we're going to try to pick out just a few and space them out over a few posts.  This was our first day, and we headed down to the beach pretty early.  The girls were thrilled to find that the house we rented came complete with LOTS of toys to bring to the beach.

We were also surprised and delighted to find out that the front "yard" of the beach house was actually a mini mini-golf course!  Just one hole, but how fun!

Our crew, descending upon the Silver Strand beaches.
The girls set right to work - they remembered how to make sand castles, and would happily give anyone a step-by-step set of directions if they wanted to hear them.
Auntie Cyndie and Grandma - just a couple of free-wheelin' girls at the coast!
Photo taken by Grandma - look, Mom shows up in one! :)

Making funny faces.
Missing here are Christina (taking the picture) and Rose and Steve (who had not yet arrived).  Otherwise, we have Uncle Russell, Auntie Cyndie, Grammie Ellen, Grandma, Steve, Elena, and Clara.
Intrepid Elena, off to meet the waves.
Clara, running back to Daddy to escape the waves!

Auntie Cyndie, Elena, and Christina - feet in the damp sand, awaiting a wave to wash over them.  They had been such gentle waves until we went to take this picture- but this time the wave washed up to soak all three of us!!

Contemplating - perhaps the sea, perhaps their lives, perhaps the fun that was in store for all of us for the rest of the week.

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