Sunday, January 2, 2011

California Christmas (part 2)

These pictures are from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We fit a lot in to these two days!  We hung stockings on the mantle with care:
We decorated a candy train:

We made several batches of Christmas cookies:

We wrapped presents (the girls LOVED doing this with Uncle Scott!)

We tried to be patient before opening presents (this photo taken by Grandma):

Then we actually unwrapped some presents...this one is a funny story.  Auntie Cyndie had wrapped these beautiful ribbon sticks she made in brown paper, and then had tied a whirly pop on the outside for decoration.  The girls were thrilled to get to go for these gifts, and they both pulled the pops off eagerly!  Then Elena handed Christina the still-wrapped gift, saying "this is garbage."  She meant it in the nicest possible way- she thought Auntie Cyndie had just given her a very large piece of paper as presentation for the beloved pop!
Opening their traditional (and beautiful) mittens from Grandma.
Once they had opened some of their presents, they helped Steve be "Santa" by handing out all the gifts.  They were WONDERFUL at this, and it was great to see the enthusiasm they had for giving gifts to others.  They'd bring a present, say: "Merry Christmas, ____!"  And often "Don't open it yet!" and then dash off merrily to get another gift for another person.
The next morning Nana, Grandma, G-Daddy, Grammie Ellen, Auntie Cyndie, and Uncle Russell all got up before dawn with us to do stockings with little girls who could not wait any longer. 
There was a lovely theme of the girls being given games - Christina LOVES games and couldn't have been more excited.  You can also see the easel in the back that G-Daddy and Nana Rose brought -this was such a fun activity all week, and we'll have pictures of it in a later post.
Santa picked one of the winners of the day - a caterpillar game where you use tweezers to put little balls on the caterpillar's hands.  We told them we'd start easy with the caterpillar standing still, but they loved it when we turned it on and the caterpillar wiggled all around!
Uncle Scott brought the girls remote control trucks and cars - so cool!
One of many scenes of food prep that we had throughout the week - we were cooking up our Christmas dinner here, and Elena hopped up to help with the green beans. 
Things often went like this - chaotic, fun, and people just pitching in here and there all over the place!

It was a very, very merry Christmas.

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