Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mama's Birthday

Yesterday was Christina's 34th Birthday, and she awoke (at the decadent hour of 8:30!) to the sweet voices of girls saying "Happy Birthday, Mama!" and this:

Steve and the girls had baked a coconut cake from scratch, before 8 in the morning.  They were working on making frosting when she got there, so there was finger dipping yumminess to be had.  And there was this:

A gorgeous orchid, which was such a beautiful surprise present.  And there was this card - half was signed by Steve, but here was the other half, signed by the girls.  Can you see where Steve sweetly initialed each girl's illustration?

And even the envelope bears showing, because check out the bottom.  While Steve was doing something else, the girls were writing this - check out Clara's unaided  rendition of her name at the bottom! 

Then it was off to the carousel (because even though it wasn't their birthday, happy girls make anyone's birthday better!).

Then it was off to the aquarium - we had never been, and we had a great time.  Here is Elena next to an eel (her symbol at playschool).
At the touching pool, feeling starfish.
Inside one of the many bubbles in the fish exhibits.

Sister sharks!

This was the highlight of the aquarium in their minds - seeing these divers at work.  They loved watching them, and especially loved getting them to wave at us.
Then off to lunch - this was Clara's photography - can you tell where we were for lunch by looking at this?  How about if we say this is where Christina got her much-desired cherry limeade?

We put the girls down for naps and somehow all crashed out for two hours.  When we woke we realized if we didn't get the girls up they'd never get to sleep again that evening!!  So we all get up and headed out to meet Nana and G-Daddy for dinner.  Here was the scene to welcome us to dinner.
And here is one happy Mama, one beautiful cake, three amazing family members, and the satisfaction of 34 years pretty well lived.

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