Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Elfie has been up to some fun and mischief, and has been well-loved by the girls in-between times. Each night the girls say goodnight to him as he sits by their stockings, and in the morning they have to find him.

On Sunday morning, they found him holding a balloon in each hand, with a fresh-baked cinnamon bun for each girl. Too bad Elfie turns out to be a sorry baker - the cinnamon buns were like hockey pucks! But the balloons were fun.

Monday morning they found him sitting in the chair, having ransacked their bookshelf and having thrown all of their books around in his search for his favorite one about Santa Claus:
And on Tuesday morning, he was sitting in the tissue box, having emptied all the tissues out all over the place. He was missing the snow from the North Pole, and tried to re-create it. The girls told him "No, no, Elfie!" but empathized with him - they wish they had snow here, too. They love to stomp in it.

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