Saturday, November 28, 2009


When the girls woke this morning, they discovered that Elfie had made a house overnight! A little gingerbread one. They thought that was pretty cool, although they kept mentioning that the door doesn't open (serious design flaw, Elfie).
Christina and Elena both felt a bit under the weather this morning, so we waited until after the girls woke from naps to decorate the house (they didn't understand that this was the intent, anyway, so they just thought the house was fun to look at till then). Clara woke early from her nap, and got some "only child" time with us and with Elfie. She read a Santa book to him, and shared her applets and cotlets.

Then Clara had a fun game going where she would ask Christina for "one more please" of a doll/animal/figurine, and was lining them up beside her. She had quite the line-up going!
During naptime, Elfie had put a little decor on the roof, but when Elena woke up we started decorating in earnest.
Happy decorating crew:
And the bigger crew - we were all in on it.

Christina was spreading "snow" around the house, as directed by Nana Rose. Nana won first place in a gingerbread house decorating contest, so we definitely took her advice!
Elfie and his finished house - Clara said that he liked it.
And the back:

So far, Elfie seems more helpful than mischievous! We'll see...

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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Great photos! Good idea putting the house together first! I tried this with my neice many moons ago, and it was a disaster! I'll do this with our visitor this holiday season, and use your smarts :)