Friday, November 27, 2009

Moving right along...

So, yes, it's only the day after Thanksgiving, and a bit early for Christmas, except that Christina has never before been so eager to celebrate the season. It all just seems so FUN this year! So today we brought out the Christmas clothes, decorations, and activities.

Here is Clara, with our first nativity set. She loved wiping them off and setting them up.

Christina has very fond memories of a fake bird that would perch in the Christmas tree all during her childhood. So this year she bought the girls a set of red cardinals to grace our own tree. However, the girls thought they were too much fun to wait for the tree we'll cut down next week, and played with them today. Elena requested one be put in her hair:
We decided this year to invite an elf to live with us for the holiday season (click here for the background on this idea), and called Santa to ask him to send one over as soon as one was done with its work for the season. While we were watching the old Christmas classic "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" this afternoon, we got a call that Santa said one would be arriving, and that it would knock at the window when it arrived. We heard a knock, ran to the window, and found Elfie!

The girls were overjoyed. They took turns carrying him around:
And then they decided to feed him some crackers, so he could fuel up after his long journey:
There were lots of kisses to be shared:

They thought he might like to see his elf counterpart in the Rudolf movie, and Elena held him up to see:

Elena brought Elfie down to make turkey soup with us:

And he came outside while we hung lights, and helped the girls sing and dance to Jingle Bells (you really have to strain to hear them here, but boy were they cute, until they got to the "no" part!):

The girls have gotten into dancing quite a lot lately. We are taking them to see the Nutcracker this year, and in honor of both of those things we got them new ballerina pajamas today. They were so cuddly with these on!

Goodnights to G-Daddy and Nana Rose:

And then goodnight to the stockings and Elfie. We'll see what mischief Elfie gets up to tonight!

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