Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Cookies - Round 1

As is our yearly tradition, the girls in the Yoshimura family are set to bake the holidays away with a full slate of Christmas cookies we're eager to try out. We were inspired on Tuesday by Elfie, who once again woke the girls to his cooking (this time, of the fake variety):
We decided we wanted some REAL food, so we started out making sugar cookie dough. For two batches, the girls cut out cookies in the shape of stars, trees, snowmen, and gingerbread men. They called every shape "Frosty" - as in "Mama, I make Frosty!" "Look, a Frosty!". No need to dissuade them - they were having fun (and are clearly enjoying our watching of the Christmas classics).
Of course, their favorite part was the sugar on top:
The cookies were almost done, and so Christina told them they needed to wait one more minute, and we'd count. We started in with "One mississippi, two mississippi..." and they thought that was hilarious and stood counting and counting, intermittently shouting "Misipee!"

Our second batch of cookies were thumbprint cookies, made with Big Red jam that friends brought over for Thanksgiving (thanks, Shirley!). They were scrumptious. Here, the girls are blowing on them to cool them down before eating:
Testing to see if they are "Too hot mama? Warmie?"

Yum, and fun, as always. We bake a lot, but something about the baking of Christmas cookies just feels so special. We have on holiday music and dance around in between steps. Such a change from the girls we started this tradition with, who mostly just rolled around on a blanket. They just get more and more fun.

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