Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

'Twas the day before Christmas, and at Nana and G-Daddy's house
Daddy and his girls put together a train, not much bigger than a mouse.
They put the tracks together with care,
And examined with Nana the ornaments hanging there.

The children were outfitted with hats on their heads,
Dressing up to bring cookies so the neighbors would be fed.

With G-Daddy carefully arranging their caps,
Two excited girls could not be further from taking a nap.

Out to the front yard they ran with a clatter,
With hats pulled over their heads the glaring sun did not matter.

After delivering cookies they ate dinner in a flash,
so that they could open a few presents, before taking a bath.
Then what to their wondering eyes did appear?

But brand new pajamas, with their names written on the rear!

G-Daddy sang them a goodnight song, so lively and quick,

Then it was straight off to bed, to wait for St. Nick!

1 comment:

Got Boys? said...

Dang, you are so clever and cute! I love it (and you!)!