Thursday, December 31, 2009

In and Out, Around and About

The other day we were trying to go to the Phoenix Art Museum with the girls, but they were unexpectedly closed. So we went across the street to the fun (and FREE) library. We feel like country bumpkins here sometimes- the big excitement at first in the library was the elevator!! (And at the mall, they just want to ride up and down the escalators, which they'd never done before).

Anyway - we eventually got them moved further into the library, and they had fun in the kid's section.

There was fun and there were games, but eventually Elena had to WORK. She has been talking a lot lately saying "I working, I working" and she'll go start typing. When she saw the computer in the library, she got right to working.

She was tolerant of Clara's help, but she didn't really want her to do the work herself. Oh, and do you see the "out of order" sign on this? That's why we felt okay for them to play on this one!

Nana and G-Daddy got the girls a mini-cupcake set as part of their Christmas present. So, today the girls and Nana made chocolate cupcakes.

And here are our finished results.

On New Year's Eve night, we participated in a long-held Granato family tradition of breaking a peppermint pig. These are from Saratoga Springs NY (you can find out more here) and Aunt Melissa was sweet enough to send it out to us. The girls were so excited to crack at it with silver hammer!

The girls got Dad and Uncle Scott in on the action, too.

The girls LOVE their Uncle Scott, and are totally wowed by him whenever he walks into a room.

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