Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Arizona Amusements

As part of their Christmas presents, Clara and Elena got tickets from G-Daddy and Nana Rose to go see a production of Frosty the Snowman at a local dinner theatre.
It was a production especially for kids. The girls were excited to go, and had fun with the "up and down" seats. Elena settled right in for the production, and watched wide-eyed.
Clara decided she was more interested in a treat about halfway through, but unfortunately, this performance did not include treats. We gave her a few chances to behave nicely for the performance, and in the end, she was able to get all the way through behaving well. And so, we asked her what treat she wanted. She told us "Pink one." Hmmm. There was a gelato shoppe next door to the theatre, so we took her in to see if pink gelato might do the trick. It did.

Elena got Nutella gelato - both were very yummy!

The best thing about Arizona, according to Clara and Elena, is that they get to SWING! We've taken them to the nearby park several times, but today they remembered that there is a swing in the BACK YARD!

That just brought us hours of joy today. Such fun!
Lately, Elena and Clara have been very sweet to eachother. Steve heard Clara the other day say "Yena my best friend." We asked them about it again, and they both agree that the other is their best friend. "My sistah my best friend." We're not quite sure where they learned the term, but it is adorable!
Moving locations has not stopped our cooking any. Since arriving we made gingerbread cookies, and today decided to make chocolate mousse to go with a french dinner Christina was cooking.

Sugar rush, check.
Julia Child's recipes leave lots of pots, pans, and spoons for taste testers!
Bring on the chocolate!
Tonight we kept up an annual tradition, going to Cherry Lane to see the Christmas lights. People from all over the valley come to this one street, because they go really crazy with lights. Every single house on the street has committed to having lights up, and it goes far, far beyond just lights. It's paradise for light-loving girls like our own.

There were beaches made up in front yards, with Santa tanning by the side under palm trees. There were carousels and ferris wheels where Frosty, Santa, and friends whirled around. There was a scene of Santa on a motorcycle getting pulled over by a cop. There was a full-lot, full-scale walk through Bethlehem. But there were minor beauties, too, like the twinkling lights in this simple tree, with the moon shining in the upper light like one more fairy light.
It was a lovely, lovely time.
Full of wonder.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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