Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's still winter...

And since it's still winter, we are still trying to entertain ourselves indoors most of the time. The girls love to go outside, especially to play with balls and practice jumping (for some reason, they seem to think they can only do this outside) but it still isn't warm enough to do that most of the time.

Christina got a new book called "First Art" with some fun projects in it, and today we made gloopy goop (which is just cornstarch and water) that the girls had a lot of fun with (and so did Christina). Really, this seemed more a science project than art, but we did have fun.

We go to the children's museum a lot too, and the girls have gotten into face painting. Here is Clara showing off her work (Christina tried to make her a lion, but then Clara decided to do some painting as well):

Okay, so she might look a little more like the joker. But check out what she was wearing aside from face paint:

SUCH CUTE leggings! Auntie Cyndie sent some along from yarn that she spun herself, and we can't believe how gorgeous they are. THANK YOU, Auntie Cyndie! We're also want to do a public thank you to Uncle Dominic and family, who sent the girls all kinds of fun food treats from Japan. Now, it's our turn to send cheese, somehow (can you tell that particular exchange was meant to get us each hard-to-find items in our respective countries?).

And since this post is a little light on Elena pictures, we're including one showing her new skill she's working on - dressing herself! She has really been ambitious lately, and spends quite a bit of time figuring out how to do this on her own.

So, okay, winter can hang around a LITTLE longer, since we are still having fun - but we sure won't be sorry when spring finally rolls around!

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