Sunday, March 8, 2009

Funny girls and new shirts

We have two new funny things the girls started in the last few days:

Clara has started tasting her feet - something she hasn't done since she was about four months old! So funny, and holy flexibility!

Elena has gotten into making funny faces for the camera. She'll pull a face, wait for Christina to take a picture, look at it on the back of the camera, and then make another face again!

Christina sewed the girls some new shirts (from a pattern you can get here) and was so excited to have them try them on:

Clara loves hers (and Elena's, actually) and wore hers to a birthday party yesterday. Elena, on the other hand, had to be eased into the shirt with the promise of a pretty hair clip and a balloon, and five minutes after this picture was taken positively wanted the shirt OFF. Drat! At least Clara can grow into it, or we'll try again another time.

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