Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day Three of the Croup (as near as we can tell)

So, on Monday Clara got diagnosed with the croup, and we're pretty sure that today Elena is showing signs as well. Obviously, we can't really take the girls in public without worrying we'll infect someone, so we're spending a LOT of time at home. We did go out for ice cream yesterday (no one else was in the parlor, and the girls touched nothing but ice cream!) and we've played outside a fair bit, but it's cold still so that can't really go on for very long.

Christina thought she was getting creative coming up with activities for the girls at home, but it turns out that the girls are more clever on their own. Christina was making lunch today and turned around to see THIS:

What is she doing? Being Christina! She took her hat and purse and was walking all over the kitchen like this. When we asked "Are you being Mom" she grinned like you wouldn't believe:
She's a pretty clever girl.
And don't think Clara missed out on the action. She didn't care to dress up, but she REALLY cared to pull the hat and purse off of Elena at any opportunity.

We spent the afternoon crafting. We got a roll of butcher paper, some triangular crayons, and the TaDoodles stampers. We spent the day scribbling and stamping, and then we moved on to some playdoh:

With cookie cutters to stamp in it, of course:

It's really hard to take pictures while crafting! Sorry that there's so little of Clara here - she's a real mover and shaker these days, and it's hard to pin her in a photo. She's the pink dress girl playing with playdoh, but her face was all out of focus. We'll keep working on it!

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