Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who would have guessed?

These are our dear, darling girls, from one year ago. And one year ago, there is no way we could have imagined that today:

-Elena would start referring to herself as "Yena" and Clara as "Ara" or "CaCa"
- Both girls would go to a nature exhibit and walk around experimenting and enjoying themselves
- Clara would recognize a bear, say "Bah!" and offer it her water bottle making drinking sounds (don't worry, it was an exhibit)
- Christina would tell the girls how to move slowly around wild animals, and they would both start walking around in EXAGGERATED slow motion, mimicking their Kindermusik teacher and laughing
- Elena would actually jump off of a five inch log at the park, while saying "jum!"
- Both girls could hold their own at a Cracker Barrel for an entire meal, eating their meals on their own and coloring like little angels, sitting up big as you please
- Clara would hold Christina's earrings up to her own ears, laughing with such a twinkle in her eye

We never dreamed we could be this happy, that there could be this much fun. We are so very lucky, and so darn happy.
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Got Boys? said...

What a lovely sounding day! Can't wait to see you again for some more Big Love! I swore my mom to secrecy!