Friday, March 27, 2009

Baths and Stories

It's staying light out later now, so we get some lovely light in the bedroom as the girls are getting ready for bed. After baths tonight, here was the lovely Lena:

And the impish, adorable Clara:

The girls have stories before bed, but the stories we're telling them are not quite as interesting right now as the stories they are endlessly telling us. Specifically, they each have a story they are absolutely fixated upon.

Elena tells us the story of the "maan!" in the "tee!" while pointing out the window. We get this story at least once a day, many times more than once, and it refers to the day the girls were with Steve and saw a tree trimmer out our window. Yes, there was a man in the tree, and it may be the first real memory Elena ever has at this point!

Clara saw our friend Maeve scrape her knee, and it has had a BIG impact on her. So much so, that we asked the doctor today if this was normal. She doesn't tell the story quite as often as Elena talks about the tree, but when she starts in on it we've got a good twenty minutes going where she will pull up her pant leg, say "OW!" and "Knee!" and "May!" (for Maeve) and do this over and over and over. We've talked through the story, we've told her Maeve is fine, we've told her "All done" to try to give her some closure - nothing doing. Anyone have tips on this one?

That's our night and recaps of our recent's cold and cloudy and snowy here, and we hope you all are staying happy and warm, wherever you are.

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