Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

As the only non-Irish one in the household, Christina tries her best to join in the festivities on St. Paddy's Day. This year, she made corned beef with a marmalade scotch glaze, roasted carrots, champ, and soda bread. Steve seemed to enjoy it - the girls favored the soda bread MUCH more than the rest of the meal!

Our wee little leprechauns were also treated to a new surprise - a slide! It's just tiny, and for now we are using it inside (because it has snowed for the last three days straight). Here are the girls' inaugural slides down it:

(please excuse Elena's bunched up dress - although it was green, it wasn't the best for playing on the slide, and so we just tucked it in her tights).

Looks like nice sharing, doesn't it? THINK AGAIN! It is definitely serving as a teaching tool for turn-taking.

One other new toy in the house is a remote control that Christina got for her camera. Elena loves it, and as the budding photographer she seems to be, spent quite a bit of time telling Christina to "Sit!" with her in front of the camera, pressing the remote button all by herself. Here are two of her more successful shots.

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Laura said...

Love those pictures and I miss being at your house. Something about those slide pictures really made me wish I could come on out. Perhaps (am I terrible?) with just one child?

As an Italian among the Irish myself, here was my try at some semi-Irish St. Patrick's Day cooking:

They were both awesome, if you're interested for next year.