Monday, February 23, 2009

Making Granola with Daddy

This weekend the girls helped out with several projects around the house. They made some cards we needed to send out, they helped put up new molding around the garage door (Clara carried nails beautifully!), they did painting touch-up on the walls, and they learned to help "sweep" the floor.

But the most document-able of all of their weekend projects was making granola with Steve. We went to the natural food store to get the ingredients, and then the crew got to work.

First, dump all of the oats and dried fruits together:

Then, take a break to eat some of the dried fruit from one's OWN bowl:

Go back to see what your sister's up to:

Then pick out the right sized bowl together:

Finally, mix everything together before popping it in the oven:

Cooking is so much fun!

Not documented here: The girls also helped Christina roast a butternut squash. Once it had cooled, Christina put the girls up on chairs to watch her scoop the squash out into a bowl. She gave the girls spoons to "help" but instead they "helped themselves" to the squash, straight out of the squash skin! They really love their squash, but we didn't know they loved it that much!

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