Thursday, February 19, 2009

Arizona Amusements

The girls had so much fun with their Nana Rose and G-Daddy in Arizona last week. They spent a lot of time playing just the four of them, but we were happy when the bunch of us got to all hang out together. We went swimming, played at the park, and scooped up rocks in the backyard.

We also had some photo-documented fun. One thing the girls loved was playing Nana's piano. They actually sounded pretty good! Nana taught them to play with "just one finger" instead of pounding.

Even though the piano itself was fun, the girls loved to look at the pictures up above of all the family members. They could recognize most of the relatives, but the one they loved the best was Uncle Scott. "Sot!" they would both holler, and that is who Clara is gleefully pointing out here. Another fun diversion was shopping at Ikea for big girl beds. We found one that we really like for Nana Rose and G-Daddy's house, and then we found others we like to have up here. We're waiting a while to transition the girls, but thought it would be fun to look ahead and get ready. The bed here isn't one that we picked (although aren't the linens fun?) but look how the girls love a big bed:

Finally, we're not sure this will show up properly, but here is a short video in the car where Elena was talking like crazy, until I pulled out the camera. If you can stick it out until the end, there is another "Sot!" and a cute goodbye wave.

Clara wouldn't really speak, either, but is just as cute as can be. Never mind that dropped cracker midway through.

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Laura said...

Can you believe your girls are the same age as Suki was here?

I love seeing your wee cherubs. Thank you for the video!