Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Airplane Ride (as seen by Elena)

Whenever we're on a plane, people say: "So, it's their first trip?" assuming that the girls haven't been on a plane before. We have to explain that they have routinely been on planes since they were three months old, and are old hands at it.

That being said, just because they are EXPERIENCED doesn't mean they are HAPPY. They are not thrilled to have to sit still for any length of time, and are always looking for more fun on the plane than we are able to provide. Still, we improved the plane ride a bit this time by buying the girls their own seats. They rode with the CARES straps, which worked pretty well. They didn't love them, but they handled them okay, as seen via Elena below:

Not happy, but not kicking, screaming, crying, or falling on the floor. Success!!

After takeoff, we took the girls out of the straps, and they had a better outlook:

While Clara looked at pictures on a fellow passenger's camera:

...Elena decided to take some pictures of her own. Here is the plane ride through her eyes:

Her pants, shoe, and the seat in front:

Mom's arm and watch (Oh, she got such a close up of the face, but I drew the line at posting that!):

The seatback before her:
The ceiling above her:

We are so glad to be home, and plan to just stay here for awhile! We love seeing family, but it's nice to stay in one place for a bit, too.

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