Sunday, February 22, 2009

Open Gym

A few times a week a gymnastics center in town has "open gym" for preschoolers, where there are trainers to help but parents mostly supervise their own kids as they explore some of the mats, trampolines, and balance beams in the center. Christina took the girls once and felt frenzied trying to keep them together in an area full of unfamiliar equipment that was pretty much warehouse-sized.

The three (Christina, Clara, and Elena) went back again this week and had a GREAT time, mostly because Christina was able to lighten up a bit; recognizing that really only a few areas posed any real hazard and that it was okay if the girls went in different directions.

We walked in the door ten minutes early, and the girls couldn't wait to get out on the mats. Here is Elena when I finally let them out in the gym (two minutes early -we just couldn't wait!):
Clara headed straight for the cones, exploring what sounds she could make with them:
Then, both girls go for the trampoline. They love walking up and down this, bouncing, but they can't jump yet so things stay relatively tame with just the two of them:
But where are the other kids?

Watch what you wish for - as soon as the other kids get on the trampoline, it turns out that kids who can actually JUMP really get this bouncing, and the girls mostly end up like this:

But they still love it:
Next up, the ball pit. This terrified Christina the first time (yes, yes, nervous mother - but it's a foot or so drop down into it at the lowest point!) but she realized this time that even if the girls dive in (which Elena did) they love it and don't get hurt:
They mostly stay by the edge - agog at the kids in the middle doing the exciting things:

Elena takes a try at rearranging some cones:
But over near the ball pit Elena discovers something she can't wait to try out. Can you see what she's pointing at? A trapeze above the ball pit. See this pointing? That went on for SOME time.
So we tried it. She did great! Elena held herself there (with Christina spotting) and drew the attention of several people who couldn't believe how brave and strong she was (no pictures of this - Christina had to be holding on!!).

We worked our way to a different section of the gym, where Clara practiced getting over the balance beam:

And then Clara got her moment to "hang" - not on the trapeze, but on a regular beam. One of the trainers helped her, but she really could support all of her weight - it was amazing! Future gymnasts?

Just another day at the gym!

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