Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snip Its!

So, when we were in Arizona over the holidays, Nana Rose and Christina took the girls to a kids' hair salon called Snip Its. We had so much fun, and took so many pictures, and then the pictures were mysteriously deleted from our camera. We got to go back to Arizona this last week for a work conference, and Nana Rose and Christina decided to try for hair cuts, part two.

We had a bit of a wait this time. Clara napped in the car with Nana Rose, and Elena and Christina played inside. Is Elena stylin' or what?

When it was her turn, Elena sat like a pro. She was great for her haircut, especially because they kept feeding her animal crackers and lollipops.
Let's get it even....Elena concentrates on staying still:
Last time, the girls got ponytails with ribbons. This time, the stylist decided on one ribbon a la Alice in Wonderland. Elena looked so beautiful! She hasn't let us replicate this since:

Clara woke right on cue after Elena was finished, so she breezed in without a wait. She was a little groggy, but she held her own in the chair.

They put a music video on while Clara was getting her hair cut, and she just loved it. The girl loves her music, and the fact that she doesn't usually see tv doesn't help, either.
Clara got the same hair style as Elena, and she really did like it, despite what she looks like here. Still groggy, probably. She has let us put the ribbon in her hair several times, and it just gets cuter and cuter.
Clara had her turn at stylin' in sunglasses after her haircut, and she and Clara looked so cute that Nana Rose and Christina decided that the girls NEEDED these sunglasses. They wore them around the rest of the week, and were just right for the Arizona sun.

When we got in the car, Clara kept her pretty ribbon in to show off when she got home. Elena, on the other hand, channeled her inner-teenage-flower-child, and we got this:

Fun times!

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