Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween (a little late!)

The girls had such a fun Halloween, although they kept it pretty low key. No late night trick-or-treating for them yet, and they didn't go all out on the costumes...but still, we know they had fun. Ready for some pictures?

Okay, so this first one isn't of Elena in costume, per se, but she is being SUPER ELENA by showing incredible muscles (the doctor calls this good trunkal tone) in lifting herself up. Although Steve is supporting her feet so she doesn't slip down, Elena is lifting her whole upper body and head on her own here!

We have an annual pumpkin carving party the last weekend before Halloween, and this was our first year with kids of our own at the party - hooray! Here Christina shared a sweet moment with Clara, who is just getting used to being carried around in the Baby Bjorn.

Here is our new little family at the party, in two takes. We had a little pumpkin (Elena) and a little ghost (Clara).

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We got the girls little shirts for Halloween in lieu of true costumes, since they don't really like to have bulky things on them yet. Elena's says "Daddy's Lil' Ghoul" and Clara's says "Mummy loves me." We love being their Daddy and Mummy!

We're looking forward to so many more Halloweens together!

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