Monday, November 12, 2007


As we showed a few posts ago, the girls are getting better at playing with us and with toys now that they can see a bit further and can hold on to things a bit more. So, here's some insight into playtime around here!

First, we have Clara with a doll that some people in the hospital gave us - the girls were a big hit with everyone there, and these dolls were gifts from the grandma of a baby born there a day earlier. They offered to babysit at the hospital so Steve and I could go out to dinner...nice thought, but no way were we parting with the girls if we didn't need to!

Here's Elena holding a lamb from her Aunt Melissa and Uncle Jeff. How cute is it that the lamb and Elena are looking off peacefully in the same direction? The lamb lives in the corner of the crib, looking out over the girls while they sleep. Don't worry - as soon as they move around the crib we'll take it out, for safety.

Two girls with their two dolls - don't they each show a tiny resemblance to their doll?

Okay - now for one of the more hilarious toys that we organic cotton banana from our friends Chris and Karen. At first it just sat around on our coffee table and fooled Steve and I into thinking that we had a real banana to eat. Then, the girls got into it, and now they both have fun with Mr. Banana - check them out!
clara banana
elena banana
elena banana

A new first in our household - both girls can now grip toys and let them go, apparently at will. So, now they actually get to play with rattles and teething rings - let's just hope they don't hit one another with them too soon.

Christina bought the girls Jacque, the peacock, because she just couldn't resist him. It turns out that Clara can't, either. We were having some floor play time this week, and we put Clara down facing away from Jacque. She turns her little head, and at first isn't sure what to make of him:

But then she recognizes her friend, and flashes a friendly face at him:

Followed by an engaging smile - we love how they want to be friends with all of their toys! They do the same thing with their duck and their ladybug that hang from the gym.

At the very same time Christina was snapping those pictures of Clara, Elena was apparently having some fun of her own. When we turned back to her, here's what we saw!

That might not seem like too big a deal, but Christina had left her perpendicular to the position she is in this picture, so Elena had turned herself right around. And a second after this shot, Elena rolled from her back right on to her right side!! Things are sure going to get interesting soon, with all of this movement.

And, lest all the sweetness be too much for any of you, we will leave you with a tough Elena picture - put up your dukes!!

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Blue Sky Colorado said...

These beautiful girls are looking so comfortable in their growing bodies and isn't all their expression wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing; I can hardly stand missing each new development in person!