Sunday, November 4, 2007

Two cute girls

This post is pretty much just a shameless show-off of how cute these girls really are. And the cuteness just keeps getting better (probably nature's way of helping us cope with the louder crying they've achieved).

Cuteness number one - Elena in a teddy bear hat:

Cuteness number two - Clara and her little Piglet (from Steve's Nanny, her great grandmother) - and we told you she smiled!

Cuteness number three - Elena and her little doll, also showing off a beautiful smile:

Cuteness number five - both girls entranced by Steve doing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" - both lying in their crib downstairs, on sheets from Aunt Cyndie (thank you!) in their NEW ROOM! They slept there together for the first time last night, and we missed them terribly. Still, they seemed to do beautifully in their own space.

Cuteness number six - Elena in her black I'm-so-grown-up gear, reading a great work of literature (doesn't she look like it? Who knew one of the great works highlighted a zebra and a flower?):

And finally, cuteness number seven - Clara looking like a little eighties girl in pink zebra/tiger print shirt and curly hair. Check out her tiger pose in the second picture!

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Are you overwhelmed with the adorableness or what? We won't be this braggy that often, but these girls are just too much right now - we ooh and aww over them constantly!

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