Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This weekend, we had the girls baptized. Christina had been working on a crocheted white dress over the summer, in anticipation of one day having a little one whom we would baptize. When we found out we would have TWO little ones, she had to get working on a second one. Both dresses got done in time, and the girls wore them well. They were also little angels during the service - in our church, the child being baptized gets called up to the alter three different times, and neither Clara or Elena cried any of those times - even when they got water poured over them and oil brushed on them! It was wonderful to be up in front of a supportive community, having our girls welcomed in.

Here is Clara getting ready to get all dressed:

And here she is dressed up and posing "like a flower" as Aunt Carna called her.

And here is Elena, excited to get ready -

And Elena all dressed up and looking like a flower as well.

A beautiful service:

Posing with the godparents and godbrother: Bob, Beth, and Brendan:

And a pose with Mom and Dad:

Finally, here's Elena with her Nana Rose. What a sweet pair.

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