Sunday, November 18, 2007

Comings and Goings

Aunt Cyndie is here! Steve went out of town to Chicago for work, and Aunt Cyndie came out from Calfornia to help with the girls. Right away, she was a pro at entertaining and calming both girls.

Both girls lying on the bed, staring up at the fan. While this has always been fun for them, it has become a new obsession during their cranky 4pm - 6pm time frame. We hang scarves, stuffed animals, and even their mobile from the fan for them to watch spin around. They love it!

The girls have so many upbeat, cheerful times every day that they completely offset the cranky time of day. These smiles, like Clara's here, are more and more frequent for us and for friends and family who visit.

And now, two shots of Elena the past few days - one being silly....

And Elena being serious...

Christina was a little worried about how it would go while Steve was gone, but being with Cyndie made it so much better than she expected. We girls had a lot of fun!

And then, Steve came home! Clara and Elena came to the airport to say "Welcome home, Dad!"
They wore shirts especially for the occasion, and Steve was so relieved to be back. He missed his girls so much.

Who wouldn't want to come home to these girls?

It's snowing now in Montana, but even before that it's gotten pretty cold. The other day we got ready to take both girls out for a wintery stroll.

Even though it wasn't snowing, we decided both girls would be most comfortable in one of the many snowsuits they have to choose from. Here is Steve with Elena in hers:

And Clara, out for the first time in her snowsuit:

They are sure going to have a bundled up time over these next few months. We are taking a trip in a few weeks to go cut our Christmas tree, for the first time as our new family. Wait and see what snowsuit they will be sporting then - pink leopard, purple flowers, or these two again?

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Laura said...

Holy guacamackerel, how cute is that picture of the two of them looking up at the fan? Adorable! Wish I could be there with you sisters :)