Friday, November 30, 2007

Uncle Scott sent an inchworm that the girls just love - it has all kinds of colors and textures, and the best part is that it's long enough for both girls to get an end and play with it at once!

The girls are starting to get into the holiday spirit - here is Clara embracing winter as she wears penguin pajamas and laughs at the snow outside (absolutely taking after her Dad here in loving winter).

It seems Elena is taking after her Mom a bit more, loving to wear the winter clothes, but not so much being able to laugh in the face of all the snow piling up outside.

This morning, the girls had their usual gaze up at their mobile after they ate breakfast. We were charmed to see Elena stroking her sister's hair (really, she was being so gentle!). Elena looks like a giant here, but really we just stagger them in the crib so they each get some room.

After such charming sister interaction, imagine our surprise to see that same caring Elena chomping on her sister's arm later in the day!

Finally, here are two shots of Clara that are just too cute not to share:

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Laura said...

I love the way you give them little attributes (like loving to read, enjoying winter weather, etc.) at such a wee age. These girls are more adorable by the day -- so cute!