Friday, October 26, 2007

Two Months Old

The girls are now two months old, and had their appointment for that visit on Tuesday. They are growing beautifully and are hitting the developmental milestones they should, even though they were about a month early.

Our new stats put Elena at 9lbs 11oz and Clara at 9lbs even - both girls are now 20 3/4 inches long. They are just starting to comfortably fit into 0-3 month clothes, which means we'll get a lot of use out of all the clothes that people have sent in a variety of sizes. The great thing about preemies is they don't skip out on some of the cute little things that bigger babies don't ever fit into!

In all of these pictures above, Clara is on the left and Elena is on the right. Some people are still having trouble telling them apart (so are we at night!) so here are a few hints. If you see them together, Elena always looks a little bigger, since she's had almost a pound over Clara for the last month. Separately, Clara's face is quite rounded, and her eyes are often open wide. If you look closely, you can see a birthmark (storkbite?) of a "v" right in the middle of her forehead (you have to enlarge pictures to see it). Elena has a long face - even though her cheeks have chubbed out, you can still see it in her forehead that she's more elongated in the face than Clara. She also has lighter hair, although that's not always clear in the pictures.

Clara is also a bigger pacifier fan than Elena is - here she is with her pacifier of choice, the one where you can see right through to her little mouth sucking. Elena prefers the kind that is less like a nipple, and more flattened.

Above, what Elena prefers is chewing on the toy Aunt Laura made for her!

And here Elena lounges with her Dad, showing off her easygoing spirit.

And we couldn't resist sharing this one - isn't Elena just a little cherub here sleeping? They both are, but the camera was nearby during Elena's nap today. Here she's in her boppy, but earlier she was helping Christina with chores around the house. Out of the two, she more enjoys being carried around and having tasks narrated to her. At one point when Christina was making the bed, she gave Elena a little break to recline:

Now back to Clara, here showing off the first sweater that her Mom ever knit. This was four years ago, before the girls were even thought of, but Christina was getting reacquainted with knitting and was having lessons from HER mom. It is full of errors, but it was a thrill to see Clara wear something handmade by her Mom. She wore it out on an errand to the grocery store where she got some special Mom time. Steve has taken Elena out on her own, too. While we're usually all together, we want to make a habit of not having the girls always go out as a pair in the world. They get treated really differently as "Oh, twins!" than they do as one cute baby out in the world. They should get to experience both things, we think.

Finally, here are both girls with Steve after an afternoon nap. Now that the girls can hold themselves up a little more, it's easier to hold the two of them at the same time without worry that someone is going to fall over. Aren't they a cute trio?

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