Saturday, October 6, 2007

Weekend Fun

This weekend we had so much fun doing a family fun run together. We only did two miles (the girls are a little young yet for a big run!) and despite the sign behind us below, it did not take us over an hour to do it! There were 5k, 10k, and half marathon runs going on at the same time, and several of our good friends were doing those runs. The girls cheered for their "aunties" as they crossed the finish line, and then we all went together to IHOP afterwards to load back any calories we might have lost. :)

In other fun news, the girls have moved to about three hours between feedings, which gives us all a lot more time to sleep! We're starting to get into a groove together. You can see below how much the Boppy pillows (thanks Linda and Jessamy!) help us when one of us is trying to take care of both girls at once. Can you believe what a pro Steve is at fatherhood? Clara's look of adoration should say it all.

Each girl has a new trick this week, too. Both girls have been smiling for the past few weeks, but mostly only with their eyes closed, when they are happy to be falling asleep. This week, Clara has started giving us big grins when she has her eyes open and when she's looking up at our faces. It is a BEAUTIFUL sight, although sadly we cannot share it on film yet. We're usually too busy gazing at her to get a picture.

We do have a picture of Elena's new talent, which is becoming superwoman! She is amazingly strong - she whips her head around with so much control, and she holds her head almost all of the time. Here she is on the pillow, showing how well she can look around.

Plus, here's a bonus cute shot of Elena looking sideways at us - she does this all the time and it just cracks us up! More shots of Clara next time to even things out, we promise!

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Blue Sky Colorado said...

Such a big week - Blue Mountain, Clara smiling, Elena growing ever stronger...The fun just never stops at casa Yoshimura. You go! :)

M xo