Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fall

This weekend we had quite an introduction to fall in Montana. We have been part of a farm share in town, and have gone every week to get produce, visit the pigs, and feed the chickens. We took the girls this week for the first time, and the fall colors complemented the fall squashes and onions we ended up getting this week at the farm. We think the girls enjoyed their time as much as we did - here's Steve with Clara in a sling:

And then two shots of Steve with Clara and Christina with Elena. The girls usually like these slings okay, although they are a bit snug if they're feeling wiggly. If they're ready to relax, they like being taken around with us in these.

We don't just mark fall with produce and trees around here, though. This weekend was Homecoming Weekend, and the homecoming parade is an annual fall tradition. We took the girls out, and with the attention we get from having cute girls in a double stroller, you would have thought we were in the parade ourselves! We met up with friends of ours, Betsy and Sara, who were dressed to walk in the parade, and they took this shot with the girls:

Finally, here's one last shot from the parade as we walked back to the car past a park. It may still look green, but the weather was pretty cold. The weather report actually called for snow that morning! We bundled the girls in four layers, one of them being the beautiful matching sweaters they got from their great grandmother, who also gave us the stroller.

The girls don't get weighed again for a few more weeks, but we can tell that they are celebrating fall by eating up now to grow big for the winter. Here are shots of both girls at one month old. Elena is helping Christina out with some of the piles of laundry around here (don't worry, she's in a basket of clean clothes!):

And here's Clara, looking all inquisitive in the Boppy pillow. We just love to see how much she's taking in with those beautiful big eyes!

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Laura said...

I squealed and called David over when I saw the sweet photos of you and Steve with your doublet slings. SO CUTE! I just love seeing you four out and about even if it's cold.