Saturday, October 20, 2007

Photo Bonanza Two (Sisters Edition!)

We had so much fun (and we learned so much!) when Aunt Laura came out to help teach us about our girls. She's raised two beauties and smarties of her own (for proof, check her out here and so she shared the combined knowledge she and Uncle David have gathered.

The girls were so happy while she was here, and so quiet and content! Here they were in the little gym (doesn't it look like they are always there?) having fun.

It sure looked like fun, even when they started getting chummy like this:

Yet, as soon Clara realized she couldn't get away from Elena, look at her frown! We rescued her right after this photo.

Laura taught us lots about how to make the babies happy - here she shows us monkey-in-the-tree hold:

Plus, she gave the girls lots of love, which they reciprocated right away.

Although the weather was crazy today, we managed to take some pictures of two sisters with two sisters:

In this photo, Christina is practicing the gentle but effective "shush" that Laura was teaching us.

THANK YOU, Aunt Laura, for coming out to help!! And a huge thank you to Uncle David and cousins Grace and Suki for sharing their wife/mom with us. She helped so much!

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