Saturday, November 26, 2011


In this house we LOVE Thanksgiving!  We did our usual doughnuts and Macy's Day Parade in our pajamas, then we kicked it into gear and got dressed up for the day.  Clara and Elena were pretty happy with their new clothes, and VERY happy with each other.
Posing all matchy-matchy (their idea, not ours!)
Steve set up a fire pit outside, and we invited everyone over early to hang out as we cooked the day away.
Caryn, checking to make sure the boiling potatoes are not burning up the microwave (a sad occurrence from two years back).
Herb chopping, chatting, and a bit of drinking.
Nana Rose and Steve hanging out at the fire pit - it was unseasonably warm and we really enjoyed having a bit of room to spread out.
Christina at the kids table, handing out crayons and activity sheets while the prep continued downstairs.

These place settings were originally meant for last year, as an activity Christina made for the girls' preschool party.  That party got snowed out last year, and this year only half the kids we planned for made these, so we had plenty left over to preschool-up our own little gathering.
Caryn continues on with the potatoes -ricing the life out of them gives them a very nice consistency!
Two out of the three Steves at our gathering, hanging in the kitchen.
The third Steve goofs off upstairs while we get everyone sitting down with drinks to finally eat!

The kids, ready to say grace and get on with our meal!
And Steve arrives with the turkey he has artfully carved.
We skip the whole eating bit (who is taking pictures of that anyway?) and hop in again for part of our dessert table.  The games in the left are the ones we broke out afterwards.  It was such a fun day and night that we didn't even realize that it was past 8:00pm and that many of our guests had been there since 11:00am!

Both girls were asleep before we even left the room from tucking them in, and that gave us one more thing to be grateful for, on top of the multitude of others.  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!

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