Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grammie Ellen's visit

We were so happy to have Grammie Ellen out for a pre-Thanksgiving visit!  The girls showed off many skills while she was here.  Elena focused on building elaborate structures for her dolls/animals (it's hard to see here, but there was a sleeping compartment for each doll, a play compartment for their accompanying stuffed animal, and then sheltered boxes for all the small horses).

Clara focused on showing off her silly side - she has turned into such a clown lately!
She would hide in the cushions, then pop out with the most delighted look on her face.
Grammie took her turn delighting the girls by buying them the game "Operation" and getting Steve to show them how to play.  They love it!


She got one!
There were also plenty of snuggles.
(After looking at the picture above Christina thought it looked pretty familiar - and then realized we had THIS picture of Grammie Ellen and Clara from their first holidays together four years ago!):
Grammie watched the girls tend to many tasks - Elena trying to heal her animals was a frequent one (not sure why Ellen seems a bit dubious here!).
It snowed again while Grammie was here, so Clara took the opportunity to show her how she can snap up her own snowpants.
The visit was much too short, but we soaked up every minute.  We love you, Grammie Ellen!

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