Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

We were pretty busy with preparations on the day before Thanksgiving, but in between getting Nana and G-Daddy at the airport and getting into the heavy cooking the girls took a little break in the leaves.

Of course, their fun-loving dad was ready to jump into the fray with them, even though he had just spent the last two hours raking leaves.

And, in other news, Elena was helping Christina prep cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, and was looking for some new cooking related jobs.  She asked if she was ready to use a real knife, and it seemed like the moment to try (she's done a lot of cutting with more dull knives, and she was only cutting butter).  She was SO very proud!

She completely got the idea of keeping her fingers back, she was meticulous in her cutting, and she loved every minute of cutting that stick of butter!

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