Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snow day

We had our first snowfall that stuck last weekend, but Christina was out of town and missed it.  The girls and Steve had chocolate chip waffles and donned their snowpants, but by the time Christina got home it was gone.  So when it snowed again this weekend and we woke up to a little white on the ground we were sure to capture it in some pictures.

Clara and Elena were excited to catch snowflakes on their tongues - even though it was more like snow pellets at the point when they were trying it!

Then we set to work using almost all of the snow in our yard to make up a snowman.
He was a quirky fellow, to be sure, but they were so very excited about him.
Excited, and proud!
We warmed up afterwards with some hot chocolates at our favorite coffee shop.
That's a pretty sweet Sunday morning!

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