Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This is the first year we have made the girls' Halloween costumes on our own.  They wanted to be cats, and we had masks and ears and tails already so we thought it would be easy.  Then the school sent home a note that the girls couldn't have any loose parts to their costumes, so we made outfits that included collars, tails, and paws.  We cheated by having them wear their ears (headbands are part of hair grooming, not accessories to costumes, right?) and instead of their masks we painted their faces.
They have definitely had better face painting jobs, but not by a non-professional at 7am!  Mom did her best.
All in all, the costumes fit the criteria of warm, fun, and kid-approved - so we were happy!
The whole preschool class came to Christina and Steve's offices to sing Five Little Pumpkins and bring us decorated pumpkins - even though you can't see our girls in this picture, you get the idea of how fun that was for all of us on the hallway - people were coming out of the woodwork to hear this little treat!

We did low-key trick or treating this year by taking the girls out with a friend for pizza first, and then just walking down the street from the restaurant to trick-or-treat.  Within just a few houses they had their buckets full and we had visited with many sweet people.  We came back to our neighborhood, where we almost never have trick or treaters, so that we could visit two of our neighbors.  To our surprise we saw a huge group of little trick-or-treaters a block from our house!  The girls were thrilled to go grab our candy bucket and wait for them outside of our house.
They got the hugest kick out of of saying to all the kids "Take as much as you like!"  They repeated it over and over and we considered ourselves very lucky that we'd gotten home in time for this.  That ten minute period was the only trick or treating action our house saw all night!

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