Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lake House

Friends of ours who had twins four months ago invited us up to their lake house for the weekend.  Yes, you read that right - while we were barely functioning at that stage, they are doing a tremendously wonderful job managing all the needs in their family, PLUS hosting 11 other people for the weekend!
The weekend was beautiful, relaxing, and so very fun for all of us.  Clara and Elena had no problem at all adapting to lake life, and played/slept/entertained themselves so well for the most part.
Steve taught them how to skip stones off the dock - they were very eager learners.

They were also very eager explorers - they invented several games between them and their friend Annie - one involved three large sticks tied together that they carried around - we're still not totally sure what that game was about.

And, there was a hottub (or, as the girls call it, hot pool!).  They got us in there every opportunity they had, and although it was pretty cold on the way in and out, it was amazing while you were sitting in there, looking at snow on the mountain and enjoying happy children.
Our intrepid Kevin and Steve worked on getting us a fire each night - of course marshmallows were enjoyed in the earlier parts of the evening, and then it was a great spot for the adults to talk until the wee hours.
The nearby town of Polson was also really fun to explore - they had a great playground that Clara and Elena really enjoyed with Annie.  We think they were horses most of the time, although there was also chasing of a grumpy old troll.
This is how we all felt when it was time to leave...
...but we had to acknowledge that we were just so lucky to have gotten the experience to go in the first place.  Thanks, Meg and Ed (and babies Lucy and Amelia, who are conspicuously absent because we're not sure they are allowed on the internet yet!).

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