Sunday, October 3, 2010

The search for apples

Today we took a trip with our friends down the Bitterroot valley to see if we could find any apples to pick.  We have only a few u-pick places around here, and we had a very bad apple year this year (the buds froze on many of the trees).  So with fall upon us, the hunt for a place for the girls to pick apples was on.

We journeyed about an hour south - and the scenery was just beautiful.  Hooray for fall in western Montana!

We went to a place called Frost Top.  Although they were out of cider and already-picked apples, they let us go into the orchard to do some picking ourselves.   Here, Clara searches out the perfect apple.

And finds two!
Elena reaches high, belly bared.
Even though they were out of cider, they had some honey they'd made at the orchard - and we happily scooped some up.

Our friends Kate and Kevin showed us a great new place to eat, and as a bonus there was a huge park just across the street.  The three girls loved it all, but especially liked seeing the three of them on this triple slide.
We were very lucky the girls did great on this trip - they were laughing and joking almost the whole ride down and back, and we hope this bodes well for our big trip next weekend out to see Ashely and her family!

Fall, following friends down dusty roads, family, fun - we were lucky to have it all this weekend!
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