Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Party

We had our annual pumpkin party today, and were thrilled to have so many friends over to carve pumpkins with us.  It was the first year Elena and Clara really carved!

Ckhai was able to stop by before and after his soccer game - he definitely had the biggest pumpkin!

 Smiling as the guests start arriving and they are allowed to eat their cookies (Christina made each child a cookie with their name stamped on it - this helped them each have a treat, without grabbing cookies all party long!)

 We tried for more healthy fare this year.  We carved out a white pumpkin and served grapes in it.  We baked whole wheat flax bread to go with our pumpkin and black bean chili.
 We had cut vegetables and veggie dip served out of a pumpkin...we're not sure the kids ate that much of the healthy food, but it was worth a try!

Annie girl, who let her mom carve the pumpkin.  Kate made a beautiful set of initials for Annie!

 Mizuki and Chris brought pumpkin seeds to share, and Clara took it upon herself to bring them around to everyone to aid in the sharing.

Playing in the leaves - raking them up and kicking them was great fun this afternoon!

Jessica, Annie, and Kate in their pumpkin-carving merriment.

After we turned off the lights and got a good look at the pumpkins (which Christina forgot to photograph!) we turned the lights back on and gave all the kids vampire teeth (or, as Elena termed them, super silly teeth).  It was hilarious seeing them on all the kids!

Now we're ready for Halloween!!

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