Friday, October 29, 2010


Today was our last class in this session of gymnastics.  Christina hasn't been too good at documenting this section of our lives, so today she brought a camera.

We start out in circle time (just like at school!) and review some of the basics.

Clara helpfully turns around to Christina to demonstrate what the rest of the group is doing.  Straddle!

Elena staring in on her superkid arch.
Big bear!

Clara doing seal arch:

And Clara's (very growly!) big bear.
Listening to the directions about how to do their first station.
Balance beam!  Clara pretends she needs teacher-Cole's help to be a kitty on the beam.

But then shows that is clearly just for pretend.

Clara helping her kitty on the last part of the beam.  One thing we've loved about gym is the solidarity between the girls - they almost always help each other and cheer for each other.
Clara climbing up to ring the bell at the top.
Elena waiting her turn while Aksel heads up.
Clara the jumping bean!
Elmo/teacher-Jenny spots Elena as she swings on the bar.

Clara was alternatively enthused and dismayed by Jenny as Elmo - this was an up moment!
At the end of this class, the kids all put on a show for the parents.  Clara struck a coy pose at the beginning of her show, but soon jumped in to her routine.
Walking her feet up the wall - this is the beginning of the handstand.
Beginning her forward roll:

Getting ready for her straddle jumps!
And the balancing beauty finishes her routine.
Elena starts off with some donkey kicks (the beginnings of a cartwheel).
Midway through her forward roll!  Teacher David looks on with approval (he was their teacher last year).

Elena mid-jump.
And finishing off her routine pushing up on the bar with teacher Cole.
After their routines, each child got their completion certificate - congratulations, Elena!
Congratulations Clara!

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