Thursday, October 21, 2010

Really, another "this is fall" post?

How many posts can we have about it being fall?  I know, it's getting overboard.  The thing is, we really didn't have fall last year.
It froze and we had snow from the beginning of October on.  There was no warm yellow sunlight and there were no days with just a bit of a chill. 
There were no pretty leaves and lingering sunsets.  So we're a bit enamored still with this thing called fall. 

We went back to Benson's today for some more pumpkins, and a whole lot more running around.
And just a tiny bit of sitting around and contemplating.
There was tree climbing (but no apple picking - they were all down already).



There was appreciation of finding the exact perfect stick.

There was an impromptu concert in a found gazebo.

There were pumpkins and gourds galore.
There was exploration of old farm equipment.

And, instead of pumpkin carving, there was pumpkin decorating with the Potato Head parts.

We did not make this up (we got the idea here) but boy did we enjoy it!

So, yes, another fall post.  Because this fall just totally rocks!

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