Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting Ready!

Halloween is upon us!  This week the girls trick-or-treated at school in their Care Bear costumes, and they have practiced lighting (and blowing out!) their pumpkins a dozen times a night.
(Left to right - Clara's, Christina's, Steve's, Elena's)

Elena wanted "a super sad pumpkin."

Clara picked this design to be her scary pumpkin!

Today we made mummy lunches - hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough, with a side of sweet potato fries.  The girls helped make up and roll out the dough.

Then, after nap, we made this "spooky" gingerbread house!  We used lots of the candy the girls have gotten this far, along with some select items sent to us in a fantastic care package from Uncle Dom, Aunt Kazumi, Sakura, and John.

Christina did the icing, and the girls did almost all of the actual decorating.

Clara swears she hasn't been tasting the icing.  (You might have to embiggen this picture to see the falsehood there).
Our masterpiece!
And, the silliness resulting from too much tasting during the candy phase of our day!

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