Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Time

We decided this week it was time to take the girls to Benson's again to do their annual picking-out-of-a-pumpkin.  It was a last minute decision right before they closed for the night, so we had the place to ourselves!  Clara ran right over to the tiny pumpkins and began weighing her options.
Elena took off at a run straight past all the tiny guys to a section with taller pumpkins.
Clara tries to lift the one big guy in the midst of all the "little cuties."
Lena tried her hand at lifting a big guy, too.

Posing with their picks - all three of them picked such different pumpkins!

Even though Clara picked the tiniest pumpkin, she decided she couldn't really carry it.  Elena sweetly offered to take the pumpkin off her hands and carry it to the car for her.
Clara took that opportunity to pose near the posies.
Trying to feed an apple to the horse (he sure looked better at the beginning of the season!!).
When we got home, the girls helped up put the garden to bed for the night - with a hard frost predicted, we had to get everything covered up.  Clara went by, patting all the plants and kissing them goodnight.
Elena compares her pumpkin to one of our pumpkins, still hanging out on the vine.  We don't think this guy is going to get green by Halloween, but it's fun that it decided to grow - it was a volunteer plant this year.

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