Thursday, July 2, 2009

July, or January?

With their increased verbal talents come some bizarre new revelations about the girls' preferences. This morning, on a lovely July day (which got up to about 90 degrees) the girls asked to play outside. It was 9am. Elena asked for a coat. Christina tried explaining that she didn't really need a coat, that she would be hot, but Elena was insistent.

So Christina then offered several light summer coats for her perusal. A jean jacket? A linen coat? Perhaps a sweater? No, no, no. After repetition of the word "coat" several times, Elena finally took Christina by the hand, led her outside, and pointed to her snowsuit. Yep - in her world, July=snowsuit weather.

She was just as pleased as could be, and Clara wasn't about to miss out on that kind of fun. Soon she, too, was insisting on the same "coat." She ditched it much earlier than Lena, though, who kept it on through tricycling, running, and examining the flowers. She only ditched it when Steve came out and led them over to our strawberry patch for their morning picking.

So funny!

Another new moment in the girls' lives is wearing two-piece pajamas. They (and we) have loved the cuddly fleece and the soft cotton one-piece zip-ups, but it's just gotten too hot lately. And, the girls are getting big. Somehow, we worried that they would try to take these off or mess with them in the night, but it hasn't happened. The only thing that has really changed is that they like to examine one another's "new" pajamas before bed. Here, Clara was REALLY interested in the ladybug on Elena's jammies:

And for one blessed moment, instead of the poking turning into "NO!" or "WAAAHH" or "Sistah, top (stop)!" it turned into this:

Love, love, love, love, love these little sweethearts.

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