Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

We celebrate with food, naturally. Here is a cake the girls helped bake (but not decorate) that is a tradition in Christina's family:

And here's a new addition to the Fourth food celebration, a la Bakerella. It's a hamburger cupcake! The girls are going to be so excited to try these out once they catch sight of them later today. Right now they are napping to try to rest up for all the festivities to come.

We are also posting a video below that we hope you can see, from this morning. The girls are dressed in their festive outfits (which no one else in town seems to be!!) and they were waiting on the couch for a snack. They have got "wait nicely" down very well, as you'll see with their little hands folded in thier laps! And you'll see Clara is pretty good at thank you (Elena has her own very distinct variation you can hear at the end of the video). But, oddly, when I ask them how they should ask for the snack, instead of the "please" that they almost always say, Clara yells out "Peaches!" and Elena implores "Please help!" At least there was a please there somewhere.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!
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