Monday, July 27, 2009

And when they were good, they were very, very good....

...and absolutely, beautifully adorable. Our morning was all off course today, yet it was so very much fun.

We had an emergency plumbing situation, so Christina and the girls were waiting at home for the plumber. There is also construction going on for three months on the bridge at the end of the street, and this morning it was LOUD! Instead of being scared, the girls asked to go take a walk to see the construction. So, fully in view of the house in case the plumber arrived, we did. They were fascinated! They gathered rocks and talked about the "man in the truck" up on the bridge and various other sights we came across.

Then we went home and made macaroons - what girls wouldn't love munching some coconut while waiting for egg whites to get frothy? It was so much fun. Then, the plumber arrived and the girls, fascinated again, watched him fix under the sink:

And while Christina had grabbed the camera just to get a picture of them being interested in the plumber, the two most gorgeous girls in the world decided it must be time for a photo shoot, and proceeded to prance around while I did "Cheese" to them (as they call it).

Cutie cutie Elena with the long hair:

And darling, darling Clara of the many faces:

23 months and counting - and people tell us it really gets more fun than this? Unbelievable!

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