Monday, July 13, 2009

Baubles and Beauties

We've entered a new phase in this house, one that was pretty much solely initiated by the girls, but which Christina has been looking forward to - dress up!

Clara's most beloved form of dress up so far - put as many clips as possible in her hair!

On occasion, Elena finds this fun as well. But here she just watched her silly sister:

Elena's very favorite is this green shell necklace - she doesn't ever let Clara wear it. Clara doesn't seem to care too much, but she really competes for the play bracelets (you can see several on Elena here):

Elena also started putting these on her feet, and wanted us to take a picture. She said "cheese!" and pointed to her foot, which is how Christina got that message.

Not dressed up, but definitely a beauty - here is Elena in 3/4 profile. We all got out of the house early on Sunday to watch many of our friends complete the Missoula Marathon!

Clara was ringing her cowbell with all her might- beauty both inside and out in that sweet girl. But she couldn't quite tear her Dad's attention away from the runners as they crossed the finish. We can't wait until this is the guy we're ringing our bells for at his triathlon in August!

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