Friday, July 31, 2009

Daytrippin, yeah

Today we took the girls about an hour south to Lake Como, named after a lake in Italy (apparently due to some resemblance or a fondness for things Italian on the part of Father Ravalli, a priest who relocated here from Italy and named the lake).

The girls have just completed their first course of swimming lessons, and were eager to go "simming!" again. Elena was really pretty careful on her feet - here she is on land, but we were surprised how agile she was in the water, too.

Clara was not much interested in the beach - a little poking around, and all she wanted was to get in the water. It made us laugh - last year when we took them to the Oregon coast most of what we did was just sit on the beach. Now you can't keep these girls still for long!

Our main reason for going to the lake today was so Steve could get some open-water swimming in. He's been working out mainly in the pool, and it's good practice to get out in the open water before his triathlon at the end of August.
Christina and the girls stuck to the water's edge, where there was much rock throwing, and pointing at "Daddy, simming!!" and clapping "Yeah, Daddy!"

After we were done at the water, we stopped in Hamilton for some ice cream.

They loved the water, but they LOVED the ice cream. Evidence:

The girls remain steadfastly anti-car-rides, and so the trip back home was no picnic. But, we're still hoping to work them towards longer car rides (especially since we're in for a nine hour drive to Oregon in just a month!!). Tips are very welcomed and appreciated.


Laura said...

Wait, we want to see pictures of these girls showing off their water skills! Did they make it into the water or was it more of a watching day?

Christina, Steve, Clara and Elena said...

That's the trick, for sure. They do show off water skills, but when they are IN the water we have to focus so much on them them that we haven't yet gotten a camera out. We'll re-double our efforts! Perhaps in the lovely pool from their cousins??