Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We recognize how lucky we are to get to celebrate our second Father's Day all together, and we celebrated all day long. We started out with a french toast breakfast with coffee for the parents and juice for the girls.

Steve had a cappuccino, and the girls LOVED the foam at the top. So he very sweetly went down to the kitchen and frothed them each up a cup of milk for themselves. They adored the foam!

We had planned a picnic, but had our doubts it would work out since there was an 80% chance of thunderstorms all day, and we woke up to rain for the first several hours of the morning. Still, we put the girls to bed for a nap, and when they awoke it was perfect weather for a picnic (or, as the girls say, pic-pic).

Christina packed turkey and avocado finger sandwiches, potato salad, (oven) fried chicken, melon, chocolate cupcakes, and lemonade and off we went. The girls got to try out their new camp chairs (we bought them in anticipation of our planned camping trip to Idaho in July).

The girls are so big - they sat on one side of the picnic table and Steve and Christina sat on the other side. A year ago, we couldn't have imagined they could sit, unsupported, and eat their own lunch!

We just loved celebrating this amazing dad all day long - we are so happy we get Steve in our lives and that we get a special day to thank him.

After lunch, we played in the woods a bit. Elena strapped Soft Dog into the wagon, Clara worked with her own buckle, and then...

...Elena pulled them through the woods. Elena is getting so strong!

We took a minute to call GDaddy and Nana Rose for some happy Father's Day wishes - the girls are getting a little more excited about talking on the phone, but they are not quite at a conversational level yet. :)

Then, Steve taught the girls how to collect things for their buckets. Clara picked pinecones:

And Elena picked up sticks:

Steve is so good with these little sweethearts - it's great to be behind the camera and get to watch them.
We topped off the day with Dairy Queen for an added treat - they had free treats for Dads! And free cones for kids, so it was a pretty cheap date.

Two making funny faces at each other:

Showing off a funny face:
And two just cracking up:

We had a truly lovely day today. Happy Father's Day to everyone!

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Em, Jared, Cor and Soph said...

Happy Fathers Day Steve! The pictures are so beautiful. The trees alone were stunning, add in your family and they are magical. We wish so badly that we could get together! We miss you. Hugs to everyone!